Welcome to the Severn Postgraduate School of Ophthalmology

First of all may we congratulate you on your acquisition of a Ophthalmology training post in what we believe is one the premier training units in the United Kingdom. This webpage is designed to give you some basic information and tasks that you need to complete to ensure you receive the full potential of your training post.

Website and Communication

The key to any organisations success is good communication and the Severn Postgraduate School of Ophthalmology is very keen to initiate good communication frameworks. One of these frameworks is the website you are currently reading. 

The Education Programme Manager Lucy Curtis will also be in regular contact with trainees regarding issues such as study leave, assessments, and training events. It is therefore essential that he has an up to date email address for all trainees. Therefore can all new trainees please email Lucy to confirm your email address as soon as possible and if these details change throughout your training period ensure Simon is kept up to date.

Study Leave

 Currently the study leave process is administered by the Trusts.

 The basics

  • Full time trainees are permitted to take up to 30 study leave days per year. Less than full time trainees are allocated a pro rata amount of training days calculated on a percentage basis.
  • The study leave budget runs in coordination with the financial year (April the 1st – March the 31st) and currently trainees allocations remain at £563 per year (2010-11 budget – we await confirmation of 2011-12 budget).
  • For every study leave event, trainees are required to submit a study leave application form. Each form must have the signatures of the trainees Educational Supervisor, Clinical Supervisor and Rota Manager. If any are missing the leave application will be rejected. Applications should be sent six weeks in advance of the leave date.
  • Study leave claim forms can be obtained from the same link and can be sent in for processing after the event has taken place. Claims will not be processed without receipts, copies of proof of attendance certificates and a fully completed Study leave application form which should have been previously submitted.
  • Full details of the study leave policy can be found using the above link.

General Enquiries and Feedback

If you have any questions or suggestions during your time of training then please don’t hesitate to contact the school. Trainees should initially contact Lucy Curtis who will hopefully be able to assist. In not he will delegate to the correct person with the utmost urgency and ensure your questions are answered at the earliest opportunity.