All-Day Teaching Timetable 2015-2016

Please find below a provisional all day teaching timetable for the 2014-2015 Academic year. Please ensure this page is checked regularly as the details on here are subject to change.

Date Topic Presenter Venue
Friday 18th September 2015 Emergency Ophthalomology and Ocular Trauma                                                                               Cheltenham                                                        
Friday 16th October 2015  VR Teaching    Bristol
Friday 13th November 2015 SWOS      Bristol Zoo Gardens
Friday 11th December 2015 Cornea Teaching     Bristol


All events for the this academic year can be found under events.



After each training session please can you fill out the feedback form below. This will also enable us to record who has been to which teaching sessions and will give feedback to trainers on how their teaching session was received and how they can be improved.

Please note that all feedback is confidential.

Ophthalmology teaching feedabck form

Please either Email completed forms to John Ferris or Hina Dave.

Thank you