From April 2009 the Study Leave application process has changed. Instead of the responsibility of authorisation lying with the individual NHS Trusts the workload has now been moved to the individual schools. This has been instigated to increase the accuracy of student records ensuring all trainees receive their allotted times and to maximise the potential for trainees to receive an allowance and/or locally provided courses. Although there is a general policy on the Severn Deanery Website regarding study leave it is important to note that individual schools have the ability to alter certain factors. This page will briefly answer some of the frequently asked questions that have been raised regarding the study leave policy for the School of Surgery.

As this study leave process is a new initiative the answers to the questions above may be subject to change.


  • How much money am I entitled to?

    Trainees can retrospectively claim an annual budget (from April 1st – 31st March) of up to £563 for approved activities. If you are scheduled to finish your training post within this year your budget will be allocated on a monthly basis using a pro rata system up until your leaving date (if it’s the end of your training then you will recieve funding until the end of your period of grace).

  • How many days am I entitled to?

    Each Trainee is entitled to apply for up to 30 study leave days a year. Half of this allocation is expected to be used for locally/internally provided courses. Each year starts and resets from the trainees contractual start date. If trainee is in a LAT or FTSTA post then the trainees days will be allocated using a pro rata scheme for the period of length they are there for.Likewise less tha full time trainees are allocated a pro rata sum of days.

  • How do I apply for study leave?

    To apply for study leave a trainee must download a form from the Severn Deanery Websites Study Leave Policy page. It is important to download a new form for each application as the forms structure are subject to change.

    Once a form has been filled in (it is imperative you obtain the three signatures required or the form will be returned) you need to post the document to your school contact. For the Severn Postgraduate School of Ophthalmology this is:

    Mr Simon Davis,
    Deanery House,
    Unit D
    Vantage Office Park,
    Old Gloucester Road,
    Bristol BS16 1GW.
    Tel 01454 252 673.

    Once the form has been received the school contact will seek permission and send a letter to the trainee informing the recipient of the outcome. If the application is successful and the trainee has funds to make a full or part claim for reimbursement, an expenses claim form will be included within the approval letter.

  • How do I make a financial claim?

    If a study leave application is successful the trainee in question will automatically receive and expenses claim form if they have any funds remaining to claim from. This form cannot be submitted by the trainee until the training event has taken place as the school requires proof of attendance. Please ensure the form is filled out correctly (preferably typed but if hand written please ensure clarity) ensuring all receipts along with proof of attendance are attached and post them to your school contact. Your school contact will then record the claim and if authorised produce an invoice an send it to our affiliated finance company who will transfer the funds into the account of the trainee. At the point of authorisation or rejection the school contact will also send a letter to the trainee notifying them of the decision.

  • What do I do if my Study Leave Application is Rejected?

    If a study leave application is rejected the leave has not been authorised. If a trainee has any queries in regards to the outcome it is suggested these are focused towards the school contact in the form of an email. A rejected application means that the leave is not authorised and therefore the time will have to be taken as different type of leave or attendance to the event will have to be cancelled. This application will not be eligible for a financial claim. It is also the trainees responsibility to tell the three signatories the outcome of the application.