Every year trainees undergo a minimum of one annual assessment to ensure they are progressing adequately in the training programme. These assessments will either be in the form of an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP). The majority of the assessments typically take place during the summer months (June – July).


 All Severn trainees will be required to follow the ARCP process of assessment. The ARCP process is governed by the Modernising Medical Careers Gold Guide. Trainees are encouraged to read this document as an aide to their understanding of the process of annual assessment. The primary component of a trainee’s ARCP is the review of their e-portfolio logbook. This logbook will be reviewed by a closed panel (trainee not present) and an outcome will be issued. Upon notification of the outcome the trainee will be invited to attend a face to face meeting with the panel to discuss the result. Whilst attendance is not mandatory for trainees with satisfactory outcomes (outcome 1), the option to attend remains as it can be a good opportunity to get career advice and guidance for the forthcoming year. The School therefore recommends trainees attend this face to face meeting. The awarded Outcome should not be a surprise, as there should an ongoing dialogue between the Educational Supervisor and the trainee.

Health Education England have put together a short video to help trainees understand the ARCP process. This video can accessed via the following link:


ARCP Notification

The Head of School Mr Adam Ross and the Education Programme Manager Lucy Curtis, who will contact trainees to inform them of paperwork completion/submission dates, and the date of the face to face meetings. Any queries regarding assessments should be directed to the Education Programme Manager.



All trainees are required to use the Royal College of Ophthalmologists E-Portfolio Log Book system to record the training undertaken whilst in the postgraduate training programme. This means trainees must enrol with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. The e-portfolio system is a useful tool if it is utilised correctly during the course of every training year. Consequently the school strongly recommends and expects trainees to become familiar and engaged with this system at the earliest opportunity. Educational Supervisor’s (ES) will be assigned to the individual logbook of their trainees by the Royal College and this will allow them to provide their three mandatory supervisor reports (introductory, interim and final) throughout the training year. These reports form an essential part of the the Annual Review of Competence Progression review (ARCP), so early engagement with the ES is encouraged upon the commencement of a new rotation. A trainee’s e-portfolio will be extensively reviewed during the ARCP, and will form the basis of the given outcome.

E-portfolio administration is led by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and trainees who have concerns or issues should contact the e-portfolio department at the The Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

e-portfolio expectations and preparations for ARCP

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