Great Western Hospital Swindon

ST1-2 trainees located in Swindon will spend 1-2 years at the GWH and ST3-7 trainees who have not worked in Swindon as ST1-2s may rotate to the GWH for 12 months.

Mr Imran Zaheer the Specialty Tutor at the RUH and is the Educational Supervisor for all STs working in Bath.

All the firms give exposure to cataract surgery and glaucoma to greater or lesser degree. Each firm is 6 months long and the consultant will be the ST’s Clinical Supervisor on that firm. As trainees rotate every 6 months they will not have a chance to work on every firm during their time in Swindon.

Anterior Segment – Mr Guy Smith

I mentally divide anterior segment into medical and surgical. For the medical side I am keen to teach the juniors how to correctly manage conditions such as infective keratitis, graft rejection, dry eye, episcleritis, corneal melts etc. For the surgical side I try to impart the thinking behind corneal grafting strategies, repair of corneal lacerations, conjunctival flaps etc. Where appropriate let them do it under supervision

I also have an interest in biometry and tend to incorporate this into the cataract teaching.

There are a number of research projects up and running to which the junior many contribute during their study sessions. The contact lens practitioners and optometrists also are happy to teach.

Glaucoma – Mr Imran Zaheer

Although all consultants see patients with glaucoma, Mr Zaheer and Mr Smith carry out the glaucoma surgery.

Vitreo-Retinal – Mr McCormack

You will gain experience in examination of the retina and vitreous specifically indentation of the retinal periphery and indirect ophthalmoscopy, B ultra-sonography, examination of the macula and interpretation of OCT pictures and fluorescein angiography.

You will also gain experience of pan-retinal , focal photocoagulation and retinopexy of retinal tears.You will also be closely involved with the pre, peri and post operative management of vitreo- retinal patients.

On the VR firm you will have two retinal clinics, one laser session and two VR theatre sessions.

Oculoplastics – Mr Thamir Yasen

Trainees will have the opportunity to attend oculoplastic clinics and theatre lists with Mr Yasen and perform entropion and ectropion repairs, ptosis surgery and DCRs.

Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus – Miss Priscilla Burgess

Trainees will have the opportunity to attend paediatric clinics and theatre lists with Miss Burgess. This firm also includes some neuro-ophthalmology.

Seven reasons why you should choose to train in the Severn Deanery

  1. The Bristol Eye Hospital is a Tertiary Referral centre with an international reputation for translational research led by Professor Andrew Dick.
  2. The Gloucestershire Eye Unit, where you will spend at least two years, has had the highest trainee satisfaction scores in the GMC Trainee survey for the last two years.
  3. Our EYESi cataract surgery simulator allows trainees to develop their intraocular surgical skills rapidly and safely.
  4. There are monthly all-day regional teaching days for trainees covering all the sub-specialities.
  5. Our trainees have a 90% success rate in the final FRCOphth examination.
  6. All of our trainees in the last four years have been appointed to consultant posts in the UK or abroad after finishing the rotation.
  7. All of the hospitals on the rotation are within in commuting distance of Bristol.