The Royal United Hospital – Bath

ST1-2 trainees located in Bath will spend 1-2 years at the RUH and ST3-7 trainees who have not worked in Bath as ST1-2s will have 12-18 months at RUH.

Mr Jon Luck is the Specialty Tutor at the RUH and is the Educational Supervisor for all ST trainees working in Bath.

The Medical Retina

This firm consists of two consultants Mr Richard Antcliff and Miss Fiona Cuthbertson, and two Associate Specialists, Mrs A Lewis and Mrs A Sholapurkar.

The unit runs diabetic retinopathy clinics and manages age related macular degeneration with Lucentis. Optical coherence tomography and fluorescein angiography is networked, as is the Medisoft electronic patient record.

Cataract Surgery

ST3-7 trainees will have one cataract list per week at the Emerson's Green Treatment Centre..  Trainees will be supervised by Miss Teresa Anthony, who has many years of experience in teaching cataract surgery.  These lists offer excellent opportunities for trainees to further develop their microsurgical skills,


Mrs Sally Webber and Mr Jonathan Boulton are the oculoplastic consultants. There is a dedicated oculoplastic clinic once a week and the ST3-7 trainees attend this for six months of their time in Bath. We also have oculoplastic theatre lists. We expect all ST1-2 trainees to be able to do en- and ectropion repairs and excision of routine eyelid lumps by the time they leave the department. ST3-7 trainees will also have the opportunity to perform ptosis surgery, blepharoplasty and dacryocystorhinostomy surgery.

The management of thyroid eye disease and blepharospasm are also treated by the oculoplastic surgeons and endonasal DCR surgery is undertaken at combined operating lists between oculoplastic surgeons and ENT surgeons.


Mr Roger Baer runs the glaucoma service. Trainees attend the specialist glaucoma clinics and Mr Baer’s theatre sessions to assist with and perform glaucoma drainage surgery.

Corneal – Anterior Segment

Mr Jon Luck has a special interest in corneal and refractive surgery. All consultants perform cataract surgery at the RUH and in addition to these lists the ST3-7 trainees have one list per week at the Emmerson’s Green Independent Treatment Centre. On average these trainees perform four cataract cases per list at Emmerson’s Green.

Mr Luck also carries out adult and paediatric squint surgery.